Exporting a Test/Question Bank for Blackboard 6.0 - 9.0

Question banks or tests can be exported to a Blackboard-formatted file for import into the LMS. For users of Blackboard 6.0-7.0, the exported file will be in a form of a question pool whether exported from an ExamView test or question bank.

The Blackboard 7.1-9.0 format, however, exports an ExamView test as a test file that is imported using Blackboard's Test Manager. Question banks exported for Blackboard 7.1-9.0 are formatted as a question pool just as in the older Blackboard format. An advantage of the newer Blackboard 7.1-9.0 export format is support for some question information fields. For more information, see Blackboard 6.0 - 9.0 Question Support.

  1. Create or open a test/question bank.
  2. Click File from the menu bar, mouse over Export, and select either Blackboard 6.0– 7.0 or Blackboard 7.1-9.0.
  3. Select the save location, enter a file name and click Save. The question content is saved as a ZIP file.
    • Take note of where the file is being saved as you will need to locate it later when uploading to the Blackboard Pool Manager or Test Manager.
    • For the PC version, the file is not saved until the Export to Blackboard wizard is completed.
  4. Enter a question pool or test name. You may also enter a description.
    • The Question Pool Name is the name displayed in Blackboard’s Pool Manager. Choose a name that will be helpful to you in working with the questions. For example, you could use Chapter 1. The name can be a maximum of 244 characters.
    • The Test Name is the name displayed in Blackboard’s Test Manager. This option is only be available when exporting from an ExamView test to Blackboard 7.1+ format. The name can be a maximum of 244 characters.
    • The Description is optional and allows you to provide additional information about the question pool or test.
  5. Select the formatting and feedback options.
    • HTML - Maintains as much formatting as possible. Supports fonts, tables, images, etc.

    In most cases, you should use the HTML without default fonts option to simplify the HTML as much as possible without losing important formatting. However, due to several Blackboard limitations, there may be situations where one of the other three options would be more appropriate. For example, Blackboard 5.x allows a maximum of 4000 characters for each question. If your questions contain a lot of formatting, the HTML required to maintain the full formatting may exceed the 4000-character limit. In this case, the question is partially truncated when imported into Blackboard. If this happens, you can reduce the amount of HTML by choosing the second option (HTML without any fonts). If the question is slightly over the 4000-character limit, this will likely reduce the HTML so that it does not exceed Blackboard’s limit.

    • HTML without any fonts - Maintains all formatting except font and size settings. The font used to display each question will depend on the settings specified by Blackboard and/or your browser.
    • HTML without default fonts - This is a combination of the first two options. With this option, ExamView does not set the initial font unless you set a new font other than the default font.
    • Text only - Removes all formatting. Fonts, tables, images, etc. are not supported. Any content that appears inside of a table is not included. Use this option only if you have very simple questions with little or no formatting requirements.
    • Select the appropriate Feedback option if your questions include rationales or feedback. Otherwise, select None.
  6. Enter a directory (or folder) for the test/question bank images.

    Make sure that the folder name is unique for this question pool. The Directory Name is used to store images that are required by questions in the test or question bank. The name you supply should be unique for the test or question bank you are exporting. If you use the same name for multiple tests or question banks, images may be overwritten when the file is imported into Blackboard. In this case, the questions in the existing question pool or quiz will show the wrong images. If you are exporting the same test or question bank multiple times, you can save space on your Blackboard server by using the same Directory Name for images each time you export. If none of the questions in your test/question bank contain images, the directory name you provide will be ignored. However, you must still supply a name.

    Due to current limitations imposed by Blackboard, there is no way to delete image files from the Blackboard server once you have imported a question pool. The image files will persist on the server even after the question pool or quiz has been deleted.

  7. Click OK to export the test/question bank.

Next Steps

As part of the export process, ExamView compresses all of the files into one ZIP file. This makes it easier to import the questions into your e-learning platform. The next step is to upload these questions into Blackboard.